The 5 Steps Daily skincare routine to achieve glass skin at home

daily skincare routine to achieve glass skin

Do you have your own daily skincare routine? Is your daily skincare routine make your skin worst? And not make it look like glass skin? If your daily skincare routine makes your skin worst it means your skincare routine is wrong!

Having clean and great skin is a dream for everyone especially women out there. To get a glass skin is easy as a piece of cake. We just need the discipline. This is because if you own high-end skincare but do not have discipline in routine you will not achieve it. You only need about 15 minutes per session in a day to achieve glass skin. In total, you only need about 30 minutes per day to achieve glass skin. To achieve it, you only to be discipline in two weeks every day because in two weeks you will see the result. And all your effort will pay off.

Twice Daily Skincare Routine Step 1: Cleanse

skincare routine cleanser
choose the right cleanser for your skin type

The skincare that you need is a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunblock. This is totally basic. The function of cleanser is to clean your face from any dirt and pollution around us. Even you stay in your room and not going outside, you also need to clean your face before going to bed and sleep.

So, wash your face using the 60-second cleansing method. Using this 60-second cleansing method will make your face feel fresh and clean from any dirt and pollution.

Twice Daily Skincare Routine Step 2: Tone

skincare routine toner

The second step in skincare is toner. Yes, you need a toner no matter what your skin type is it. Toner is important and needs to be included in the skincare step because it helps to even out our skin tone. It also will help out moisturizer to lock the hydration. So, if you use moisturizer but not include toner in the step it will be wasting time and money. Toner helps rebalance our skin’s pH levels after cleansing and preps our skin to e able to absorb the active ingredients in the next products you apply.

Weekly Skincare Step 3: Exfoliate

skincare routine exfoliator

Without exfoliation, skin tends to appear dull and rough. Boost microcirculation and cell turnover by exfoliating 1-3 times per week to transform dull skin into bright, healthy, and radiant skin. Do not exfoliate every day because it may cause our skin barrier damage and loss the hydration.

Twice Daily Skincare Routine Step 4: Treatment

skincare routine serum

This is the step that most daily skin care routines are probably missing and can be the difference between good skin and great skin. Skin serums and treatment cremes allow you to customize your daily routine to the highest level.

Twice Daily Skincare Routine Step 5: Moisturize and protect

skincare routine moisturizer

Then, you need to apply moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that suitable with your skin and your skin problem. Any basic skin care routine should include a moisturizing broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day and a hydrating moisturizer at night.

skincare routine sunblock

The last step in the skincare routine is used sunblock. Sunblock is important because every day we expose to the sun even the sun is not directly hit to our face but the heat we can feel it. The sun is damaging our skin every day when you run errands, commute to work, and more. Always apply a moisturizing broad-spectrum sunscreen in the AM no matter what.

It’s important to moisturize at night as well. Almost everyone’s skin is dehydrated more often than not – even oily skin! Dehydration can lead to a whole slew of problems including dry, flaky skin, excess oil production, wrinkles, sensitivity and more.

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  • I love how you talked about the different jobs of each product to use for skincare routines. I tend to get very dry skin after I am under the sun for too long, so I am looking into making a skincare routine a habit that I can keep up with good products. Thank you for all the information about how to best take care of my face.

  • Hey, Your article is superb… Will definitely try these tips given by you. Your web site offered us with valuable information. Products seems so useful, Thanks a lot for such a great share!

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